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Meritage & Grapes

  What is Meritage ? Meritage is a brand for red and white Bordeaux-style wines produced, without infringing on the Bordeaux (France) area’s legally protected designation of origin. Meritage is a trademark from its owner, the California-based Meritage Alliance. Member wineries are found mostly in the United States, though increasingly elsewhere. Meritage first named and […]

Different Types of Wine Infographic Wine Folly

Wine Info-Graphics by WineFolly

Hei #winelover s ! Here follows up  some very good wine resources ! Yes this is images and info-graphics but sometimes like in this case, they are I guess more descriptive and more interactive than a text of 5 pages where you will loose yourself in!     I guess more educative wine resources would […]

Laroche Vaudevey Vineyard

What is Organic & Biodynamic Wine ?

What is Organic & Biodynamic Wine ?   ORGANIC WINES A glass of organic wine, is an invitation to a trip, a way to understand how works,  the balance between a man, vine and Earth. Tasting an organic wine is having pleasure discovering a natural product, authentic, elaborated in synergy with its “Terroir”. Respectful of […]

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Storing Wine

How to keep wine optimally ? That’s often the question asked. Either as amateur or connoisseur of wine, we are led to keep bottles in the cellar. Taking in consideration all time spent to find the bottles, investment required, it is essential first of all to lay down the bottles with comfort. The storage conditions […]

Old Press Laroche in action in Chablis

Service Temperatures

Service Temperatures   Temperature is often the unseen and forgotten factor, either in aging and in serving. It can bring the best and worst out of a bottle of wine. The serving temperatures are often big subjects of discussion, because of individual choice. But there is anyway, no matter what general rules that need to […]