Brand Strategy in Business – Same for Wine Industry

– Brand Strategy in Business –

Thanks to the #winelover community and a lot of fantastic people, posts, creativity, websites, books, seminars, my credit card “for still saying yes every time 🙂 ” and others !

I understand and I do believe that to get great success in the wine industry you need to do in addition of a good quality wine ,  a top brand management to be successful and be recognized! Sales and marketing will be easier !

Those last months I have been traveling a lot around especially Portugal for the Adegga Wine Market,  Brussels for #WBIS (Wine Business Innovative Summit ) and the Salon France-Vins in Brussels and soon to Umbria, Terni for Umbria for #Winelovers check the program by clicking )( (every one can join) to work, discover Umbria wines and also celebrate the 1st year of the #winelover community!


Listening a lot to wine professionals, bloggers, critics, writers, website managers and all wine company related and also other business such as supermarkets, and other big companies.

I did not do business universities, I did not do a MBA or any other high diplom but I guess, I’m quite smart !

I’m a professional Sommelier who is involved in his passion 500% and even more.

Every company need a good success and ROI !




I have been creating a file containing, I guess, many of the great keys to a great success around Branding for companies, producers and others even Wine Family Name who became brand with time !


So here is joined the fruit of my work, hope you will appreciate it !



Working a lot on Creating Better Wine Labels also should be published in the next weeks !


Thanks for all those great opportunities and experiences to Luiz Alberto CEO & Founder at The Wine Hub, Andre Ribeirinho Chief Wine Evangelist at Adegga and Marc Roisin CEO & Founder at!

Cheers up #winelover !