#WBIS – “I´ll be back !”



Note that at the begin they were aiming to rich and get about 50 people to this first edition of #WBIS and ended up with about 200 people registered!

Here are some of the major comments relevant from this first edition of the Wine Business Innovation Summit, which was for me a very great success, very rich workshops, large panel of people around wine business, an awesome social sharing moment !



Engage your customer

#winelover invest much of their time to help wine love, culture & knowledge spread !

ROI of #winelover community for #wine producer is easy marketing from people that loves wine and share it

Events and good sharing on social media is helping a lot building connections between producer and casual consumer

Online content (blog posts etc) can be much more dynamic than traditional magazine articles!

#Winelover keys: dynamic community, cooperation, people who love wine, social media!

#Winelover is not only about fancy teeshirt ! Everyone who loves #wine can be part of the #Winelover community !

Wine world revolution is on ! Get closer to the customer! Thanks social media and web platforms !

Social media is a minor investment in money but a mayor investment in time

Each platform is different and you have to choose what you communicate where!

If you invite bloggers please know who they are, what they do. Message and knowledge

We need to get post-informations about the content before a bloggers trip to maximize richness and promote better

You need experiences to evolve, you don’t want be sitting and just be told what to write (press trips) !




Need to build a brand – through whatever channels possible and desirable. Need to network for things to move, then let others talk

Every story is different, every client is different

We are all different, different backgrounds and drink different wines

Wine brand : You need value, concept and consistency

The consumer owns your brand!

One barrel of wine can work more miracles than a church full of saints

It’s important that we speak from person to person -rather than business to people. And take a real interest

Stories sells & people want to know how the wine is made! Banana, strawberry, fruit acidity… they don’t care!

Producers often forget that the customer want to buy a “story” label and don’t care about pairing with pizza/chicken!

You cannot really change the drinking profile of your customer!

Comparing expensive / cheap wine! Shame to drink cheaper or mid price bottle?  I don’t think, the difference is no price but quality!

If the label is done with good attention, the wine might be the same! Not all true but psychologic for the customer!

You need to centralize all the data, and make it easy access for all users, especially the final consumer !




Can you produce cheap videos and still get audience? Yes, absolutely! Can find cheap equip just need to know how to use it

People will always remember how you made them feel!

Different nationalities have different approaches to wine – we need to take that into account

It is better to have a gun & not use it than not have one when you need it

Innovation in wine tourism is linked to new activities and creating networks with other subjects to create experiences

When you talk to people you will get followers – it is better to communicate than pay for like

Wine tourism is an option but must decide how much resources to invest – if not enough, better to do something else

Wine is doing a social job already by itself !


#WBIS aims to encourage new and innovative approaches to growth and communication in the wine industry. The first edition of #WBIS was hold on Saturday 19th January 2013 in Brussels (Les Ateliers des Tanneurs, rue des tanneurs 60).

By creating a forum for wine professionals, bloggers, social media whizzes and business experts, WBIS will encourage innovation, disruptive thinking and new technologies in the wine world. Special attention will be paid to examining who the consumer is, how they act and what should be done to meet their needs.

The format whereby experts in a particular field are invited to share their experience followed by open and in-depth discussion on how such subjects can be taken forward, has been inspired by other events in the wine and business world such as Vinocamp, European Wine Bloggers Conference, Founders Institute chapters, Betagroup sessions, and Levin 2.0. We’ll give each of the speakers 15 minutes to present before the discussion is opened up to all participants for discussion, Q&A and general brainstorming. To keep the order (!!?) we’ll make sure a time-keeper and reporter are on hand to keep record of what’s going on and make sure everyone who wants to contribute gets a chance to share their thoughts.

Besides the 9 seminars which will be run throughout the day, the programme will also include networking sessions (accompanied by lots of wine!) so that WBIS creates an environment to foster knowledge exchange, build relationships and create the right conditions to launch new projects.

We’re also hosting a special forum for creators of new business ideas. The winner (considered the most viable, innovative and interesting idea by our panel of judges), will be presented with the WBIS Business Award.

Who should attend? 
Well, everyone who has a professional interest – or just a serious passion – for wine. We want to talk business and we want to really look into how the wine business can grow. The solution is easy, more people need to drink more wine – so the question is, how can we make it happen? How can we make consumers feel at ease with wine? Are we giving them the right information? do we understand their needs? how can we work together to offer wine-drinkers what they want? These are just some of the topics we’ll be touching on… So if you’re a wine producer, merchant, sommelier, journalist, blogger, entrepreneur, web developer, communication specialist, representative of a wine region or anything else wine-related, WBIS is the place you need to be.


The real facts now:

I know, I´m not the most magical writer! But I always do my best to share my passion !

When it comes to workshops and conferences, I feel that to get the best is to assist to it, and in the case you haven´t been able to what is better than listening to the recording and going through the slides from the presentations and sip a glass (or 2, 3,4 ….)  of wine while being home relaxing !

I didn´t feel much like trying to  transcribe the amazing workshops, ambiance and all things that happened at the 1st edition of #WBIS in Brussels, January 2013.

I thing that when it comes to conferences and workshops, all details are important, the speakers, the people attending the workshops, the slides, the questions and reactions from the audience !

So I propose you to make up your own mind and ideas, and if you want further to talk, work and debate on those subjects online ! All people are different with different views of points! This is was makes this world more rich !

Lucky you, all the Audio Podcast is hosted on Mixcloud, so you can get the App on your Smartphone and listen to it in your car, your bed, hiking, tasting a wine,…

Here follows, I will post the recordings from the #WBIS workshops and the slides for your happiness:

SOCIAL MEDIA – Potential ROI of catering to a community such as #winelover for wineries or generic organisations

SPEAKERS:Luiz AlbertoAndre Ribeirinho, Jan Matthias Klein 


SOCIAL MEDIA – Potential ROI of community such as #winelover for wineries or generic organizations by Fabien Lainé on Mixcloud




 BUSINESS – Unique Wine Identification & Database Management

SPEAKERS:Andre RibeirinhoMarc Roisin, Rich Tomko


Business – Unique Wine Identification & Database Management by Fabien Lainé on Mixcloud




BUSINESS – Different approaches to selling wine online

Different approaches to selling wine online. by Vincent Pétré on Mixcloud

Credits of this recording to Vincent Petre – vincentpetre.com




COMMUNICATION – How to communicate with 25-35 yr old wine consumers?

SPEAKERS:Robert Joseph, Rich Tomko,

COMMUNICATION – How to communicate with 25-35 yr old wine consumers? by Fabien Lainé on Mixcloud



Special thanks to all the people that made this event what I would define as a great success, and a “I´ll be back!”

WBIS organisers 

Faye Cardwell fell into the world of wine 9 years ago when, whilst living in Verona, she landed herself a job organising what was the only wine exhibition in China for Italian wine producers. She spent the following 7 years travelling the world organising wine events and promotions to help Italian wine producers develop sales in foreign markets. Two years ago she moved to Belgium and started working for herself organising events and promotions and offering PR services to wineries, consortiums and regional bodies. Her strong organisational skills are a great asset to WBIS.

Faye Cardwell on the web : Website – TwitterFacebook – faye [@] wbis.eu

Jens De Maere –
is the owner of Belgianwines.com and a fantastic ambassador of Belgian wine-making. Besides working with the Belgian wine-industry to educate wine consumers on firstly the existence and then the quality of Belgian wines, Jens also offers consultancy services to wine business start-ups and has recently started promoting wines from all Northern territories focusing on indigenous grape varieties. He is the youngest member of the WBIS team and brings with him an infectious enthusiasm for this new wine-business related project.

Jens De Maere on the web : WebsiteTwitterFacebook – jens [@] wbis.eu

Marc Roisin has two passions in life – wine and social media. Marc combined the two when he set up  Vinogusto.com 5 years ago. A review-based on-line wine guide, Vinogusto.com aims at helping wine drinkers find the perfect bottle for all occasions. Marc has a strong entrepreneurial spirit and is regularly active in business think-tanks. He is always interested in new projects combining wine and social media, especially those that help wine drinkers fathom their way though the world of wine. He brings lots of humour, business acumen and innovative ideas to the WBIS organisation.

Marc Roisin on the web : BlogTwitterFacebook – marc [@] wbis.eu

Advisors & Support

André Ribeirinho is the Founder & Chief Wine Evangelist at Adegga.com, an online wine guide and wine events organizer. Andre is also the Founder of AVIN, an ISBN for wine that helps wineries manage their data online. André is also frequent speaker on the topic of wine online and entrepreneurship in international conferences. André is a food & #winelover with a very special passion for Port wine.

André Ribeirinho on the web : Website – Blog – Twitter – Facebook

Jelle De Roeck started to follow his ever growing passion for wine back in 2011. Instead of taking complicated wine courses, he decided to buy wine, taste wine and write about his discoveries. Not having the vocabulary nor the experience of a professional, but with the approach of an outsider, he shows with his blog that wine is above all there to be enjoyed. As a blogger, he has taken a position in between the professional and the newbie to make wine accessible to everybody who is curious to take his first steps in becoming a wine lover. During the day he is a self-emplyed architect. He also designed the #WBIS logo.

Jelle de Roeck on the web : Website – TwitterFacebook

Luiz Alberto is Brazilian by birth, Italian blood, American heart. He’s someone who really loves wine. More than the simple desire to imbibe the drink, he has this need to appreciate and learn everything that relates to wine. In 2008 he started the study program of the Institute of Masters of Wine, hoping that one day he will become one. “Such a long journey ahead of me…” says this fantastic #winelover !

Luiz Alberto on the web : Website – Twitter – Facebook

Marc Vanel – Co-author of the book ‘Vignobles de Belgique’ (aver Kris van de Sompel et Eric Boschman) published in 2009 (Racine Editor) and free-lance journalist, since 2011 Marc Vanel has been running a blog entirely devoted to wine in Belgium including portraits of Belgian winemakers, an (almost) complete list of vineyards, calendar of events: wine in red, yellow and black ! Marc Vanel is also the pseudonym of Marc Vanhellemont, not to be confused with another MarcVanhellemont writing on Le blog des 5 ! Marc has been involved in inviting the press to #WBIS.

Marc Vanel on the web : WebsiteTwitterFacebook

Michel Vandeneuker has a background in finance and stepped into the world of wine 10 years ago when he set up Vinodis, a wallonian-based importer specialised in niche wines. A huge fan of social media and new technology, he recently launched his E-shop. His experience with on-line business, business development and insight into the evolution of consumer behaviour are key to the WBIS organisation.

Michel Vandeneuker on the web : Website – TwitterFacebook – michel [@] wbis.eu


And the Sponsors and Partners of the Event, that made it possible

Sponsors & Partners

The sponsors

The Conseil Interprofessionnel du Vin de Bordeaux (CIVB) was established in 1948 (pursuant to the Law of August 18). It brings together representatives from the three Bordeaux wine industry families: viticulture, trade and brokerage.

Its 3 fundamental principles: Representation / Parity / Consensus. The CIVB performs three missions : Economic, technical, and communication/promotion.

Economic missionProvide intelligence on production, the market and sales of Bordeaux wines around the world.

Technical missionBuild knowledge, protect the quality of Bordeaux wines and anticipate new requirements related to environmental and food safety regulations.

Communication missionSupport members’ marketing activities and build awareness of Bordeaux wines around the world. The CIVB, run under the authority of a President, selected alternatively from among winegrowers and wine merchants every 3 years, is managed by Bordeaux wine industry members. The permanent team is responsible for implementing the decisions taken.

Young, Small, and Unconventional; these are the three adjectives that best describe Sfriso. Our story has nothing to do with the typical winery stories about having a century old tradition of vine growing. We are a young couple that inherited the vineyards and winery in 2002 after the sudden and unexpected passing away of Renzo Sfriso. For him the lands and the winery were a hobby, for us they became a matter of pride, a good enough reason and great motivation for us to change our lives and make the winery our prime business. As of 2009 we have been investing our time, effort, hands, heads, and tasting buds full-time to make this venture work. We decided from the beginning to do things differently, unconventionally, and this approach is proving very successful. Our wines are fresh, easy to drink and very representative of the Eastern part of the Veneto in Northern Italy. Four of them have won a gold medal at the oldest wine contest in Italy, the “Concorso Enologico Nazionale di Pramaggiore”. We put a lot of emphasis on innovation and on creating special relationships with our markets, clients and, most importantly, with our wines.

Vinogusto, the online wine guide with consumer reviews. It helps wine consumers to choose and find their wines based on consumer reviews, expert scores, location and availability. Further, it helps #winelover’s to plan their journey in the wine region with over 80.000 wineries, accomodations, wine bars & restaurants listed and reviewed. Finaly, it offers winemerchants and wineries to present their business and list their wines in order to gain exposure and sell more wines ;-)

The media partners

Cuberdon is made our #WBIS teaser video and will be filming the event on 19th of January. They specialize in the making of corporate videos…


Vinocamp France est l’alliance du web et du vin pour tous les passionnés francophones qui en ont rêvé. Tous les 3 mois environ, une jolie communauté se donne rendez-vous dans une région différente pour échanger, débattre, progresser en alliant le web et le vin.

Pour suivre leurs activités de près, rejoignez la page Facebook Vinocamp ou suivez Vinocamp sur Twitter.

Wall 4 U – Wall4U is a powerful tool for event organizers that raises the possibilities of interaction during an event, a company event, conferences, seminars or Q&R session and promotes that event on social networks such as Twitter, facebook and but also via mobile phone. It’s also a great way to include social networks to your event. What it actually means it that for any event that you organize your guest as the possibility to communicate, post photo or ask question while being in the same room via social network or text message what will improve the interactivity of your event. Every message sent will be post on a big screen in the room in real time so everyone can see what is posted and react or answer. And you also have the possibility to moderate what is sent thank to our moderation tool. Which means that if you don’t some topics to be told during the event or some word to be said can refuse the message to be seen on the screen.

Showmappr is a new app launched by Richard Ross that helps socialise your events. The main features are:

  • check in to workshops and tasting by scanning a QR code in the app – takes you straight to that activity in the app
    (we provide the QR codes for each event – you can show them on a powerpoint slide on screen, or on a tasting table)
  • Dynamic floorplans – see comments and checkins to different activities shown live on a floorplan
  • Post comments in the app, and share them on twitter
  • See the full event agenda – and any off-base events too.

You can download it here and give it a try during #WBIS ;-)
iOS:  https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/showmappr/id527634405?mt=8
Android:  https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mobisle.winefair&hl=en_GB


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