Sponsors & Partners

The sponsors

The Conseil Interprofessionnel du Vin de Bordeaux (CIVB) was established in 1948 (pursuant to the Law of August 18). It brings together representatives from the three Bordeaux wine industry families: viticulture, trade and brokerage.

Its 3 fundamental principles: Representation / Parity / Consensus. The CIVB performs three missions : Economic, technical, and communication/promotion.

Economic missionProvide intelligence on production, the market and sales of Bordeaux wines around the world.

Technical missionBuild knowledge, protect the quality of Bordeaux wines and anticipate new requirements related to environmental and food safety regulations.

Communication missionSupport members’ marketing activities and build awareness of Bordeaux wines around the world. The CIVB, run under the authority of a President, selected alternatively from among winegrowers and wine merchants every 3 years, is managed by Bordeaux wine industry members. The permanent team is responsible for implementing the decisions taken.

Young, Small, and Unconventional; these are the three adjectives that best describe Sfriso. Our story has nothing to do with the typical winery stories about having a century old tradition of vine growing. We are a young couple that inherited the vineyards and winery in 2002 after the sudden and unexpected passing away of Renzo Sfriso. For him the lands and the winery were a hobby, for us they became a matter of pride, a good enough reason and great motivation for us to change our lives and make the winery our prime business. As of 2009 we have been investing our time, effort, hands, heads, and tasting buds full-time to make this venture work. We decided from the beginning to do things differently, unconventionally, and this approach is proving very successful. Our wines are fresh, easy to drink and very representative of the Eastern part of the Veneto in Northern Italy. Four of them have won a gold medal at the oldest wine contest in Italy, the “Concorso Enologico Nazionale di Pramaggiore”. We put a lot of emphasis on innovation and on creating special relationships with our markets, clients and, most importantly, with our wines.

Vinogusto, the online wine guide with consumer reviews. It helps wine consumers to choose and find their wines based on consumer reviews, expert scores, location and availability. Further, it helps #winelover’s to plan their journey in the wine region with over 80.000 wineries, accomodations, wine bars & restaurants listed and reviewed. Finaly, it offers winemerchants and wineries to present their business and list their wines in order to gain exposure and sell more wines ;-)

The media partners

Cuberdon is made our #WBIS teaser video and will be filming the event on 19th of January. They specialize in the making of corporate videos…


Vinocamp France est l’alliance du web et du vin pour tous les passionnés francophones qui en ont rêvé. Tous les 3 mois environ, une jolie communauté se donne rendez-vous dans une région différente pour échanger, débattre, progresser en alliant le web et le vin.

Pour suivre leurs activités de près, rejoignez la page Facebook Vinocamp ou suivez Vinocamp sur Twitter.

Wall 4 U – Wall4U is a powerful tool for event organizers that raises the possibilities of interaction during an event, a company event, conferences, seminars or Q&R session and promotes that event on social networks such as Twitter, facebook and but also via mobile phone. It’s also a great way to include social networks to your event. What it actually means it that for any event that you organize your guest as the possibility to communicate, post photo or ask question while being in the same room via social network or text message what will improve the interactivity of your event. Every message sent will be post on a big screen in the room in real time so everyone can see what is posted and react or answer. And you also have the possibility to moderate what is sent thank to our moderation tool. Which means that if you don’t some topics to be told during the event or some word to be said can refuse the message to be seen on the screen.

Showmappr is a new app launched by Richard Ross that helps socialise your events. The main features are:

  • check in to workshops and tasting by scanning a QR code in the app – takes you straight to that activity in the app
    (we provide the QR codes for each event – you can show them on a powerpoint slide on screen, or on a tasting table)
  • Dynamic floorplans – see comments and checkins to different activities shown live on a floorplan
  • Post comments in the app, and share them on twitter
  • See the full event agenda – and any off-base events too.

You can download it here and give it a try during #WBIS ;-)
iOS:  https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/showmappr/id527634405?mt=8
Android:  https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mobisle.winefair&hl=en_GB