You are “Big” Wine boy & you discredit yourself ?!

Hello everyone!


Lucky for me I’m still in holidays so plenty of time to instruct myself and read wine news on internet!


What came a surprise few weeks back when the big name of Sauternes, Chateau d’Yquem, announced they would not produce a 2012 vintage of their Premium wine! I would say OK that is your choice!




After harvest done, and the first tastes of the young wine, another domain Chateau Rieussec step aside also.  Their explanations are weather conditions, and lack of quality according to them!


So what are they? Are they really the “big” names, or only brands?


If they are supposed to be leading names for their appellations, they should know that according to their decisions the all district based economy named Sauternes might pay for it. This type of decision is going to cause trouble reputation and difficulties to sell for all the producers including some many small ones that are able to make good quality wines even during a hard vintage!




I don’t know many producers that decide to quit or produce a vintage wine because the “quality of the vintage” was not acceptable!


Why don’t you make your wine and just lower the price according to the quality level?


They will produce lower volume in maybe a not exceptional vintage, but do not run away like this is really not manly!




Prestige is outdating ?


Afraid to discredit yourself by releasing a lower price/vintage quality wine or is not the “politically correct” in the big names of the wine world?


Is 2012 a bad or poor vintage?  Not really.

Not the easiest one but still will be some nice surprises and opportunities. Small yields, parcels variation, longer ripening and selective harvests.


Note From Chateau Climens:

Bérénice Lurton: “Proud of our 2012 vintage! “The year has not been easy, but the Château Climens 2012 will be worthy of the reputation of the field: purity, elegance and freshness will be waiting for you. Biodynamics is certainly not foreign to this success, as you will read in our newspaper harvest.

Some honest comments you see !




All I know is for the ones that have been careful enough and done a great job during the year will be able to produce quality wine reflecting the vintage 2012 (even if note the best) and its not to an easy year. Aromatic, purity, freshness and finesse, with a nice terroir and vintage expression.


Winemaker work and fortuity of the year pays a lot and bring the character and typicality of the vintage!


So is it a quality job missing or just a business strategy ?


Just to my eyes it’s running away and discredit yourself !


PS: I’m sure that we will find some Yquem and Rieussec Vintage 2012 in China ;)

2 comments on “You are “Big” Wine boy & you discredit yourself ?!

  1. You are right about the vintage – difficult but not impossible to make good Sauternes. What helped to make the business decision easier for Yquem, Rieussec and also I hear possibly Suduiraut was the small size of the crop.

    In Yquem’s case they still have to release their excellent 2011 so this publicity will increase demand for that vintage and enable them to charge a good price. Rieussec are probably thinking along the same lines and may even try to break the link between the en primeur sales of their wine and that of Lafite – a sore topic amongst the Sauternais. If it is true about Suduiraut then I imagine they want to develop their reputation as a top quality producer and they can always declassify to their growing band of second wines.

    It is a shame for the others as many will have made good wines and they will now find it harder to sell them.