Adegga WineMarket 2012 – An Epic Era

Adegga WineMarket 2012


Back to Lisbon, December 1st 2012, Hotel Florida – Adegga Wine Market “THE” Place to be !





For it’s 4th edition, the Wine Market reached once again a very great success!


Adegga WineMarket 2012 from Notícias do Parque on Vimeo.



It’s a project of Adegga, the largest wine website review and sharing platform.

Born of the ideas of Andre Ribeirinho, Andre Cid & Emidio Santos.



The concept and ideas:

A wine tasting in an informal setting with some of the best wines and producers from Portugal. The main lines are tasting, choosing & favorite and purchase for the interested !

So for me as wine professional and sommelier it was exceptional to see great concept like this based and aimed for the final consumer ! Since I use to go more in the traditional wine fairs most of the time reserved to wine business and professional, so really limit the marketing and force to a pre selection.

This Wine Market is really attending as I could see & note, main point is sharing time between the consumer & the producers were both are sharing experiences, knowledge and  wine passion or looking to know more.

Also, the tables stretched along the wall, so the producers are standing in front of the tables and creating a better contact with the customers, a great social and sharing environment ! It opens up the wine world for the consumer, helping him to discover, that most of the time in other occasions could be intimidated , in an casual and easy way. They feel free and confortable, sharing with friends and others !



Back in time and today:

The first edition of Adegga Wine Market  was representing 13 producers, 300 visitors, this year for the 4th edition they reached over 800 visitors,  300 different wines, 40 producers were present, over 900 glasses used to sip lovely wines. A Premium Room with a magical tasting of 25 different wines united 75 people on 3 sessions who had the privilege to taste 25 magical wines and ports. Among them was presented a vertical of Charmes from Niepoort, Burmester Colheita 1937, Niepoort VV ( based on 1863 dominant blend with 1931, stored in demijohn in 1972),  some Colheitas port from 1941, 1952, 1967, 1976, also Mouchao Colheitas Antigas 2002 Magnum reserved especially for the event, and so on …




A very successful event, entry fee is 10 Euros so a very gentle price to taste over 300 wines and share a good moment with friends and wine producers, a top value for money.

The Premium Tasting room is a special entry fee of an extra 35 per person. I would say really cheap and really worth it for this travel back in time and printing in your memory some magical tastes that you might have once in your life time! And to make it event better some top quality chocolate is proposed to taste with each port according to the port producer advice.


Organized in the center of Lisbon, the Adegga Wine Market is really close to any major transport, either bus, taxi, metro.

If you live abroad like me the plane tickets to Lisbon are a really moderate price and the airport is placed right into the city, 10 minutes by cab to head to the top city center.  When you land you feel like drowning in the buildings!

Lisbon is also a lovely touristic city, with top quality food and cheap accommodations, cost of life is really nice and comfortable. Center place of a huge culture around wine and food, Lisbon and the Adegga Wine Market might surprise a lot of people!

For this edition most of the guest where Portuguese but also some people came from abroad from US, Belgium, Hungary, Germany, Austria, Norway, Netherlands… looks like this event might come on an international customers reach!




What Future and Development?

The Adegga Wine Market has become a major event in Portugal and reached a lot of people that use to go to other events.  Remember that the producers are selected for the originality and quality, the products you can find there are most of all good relation quality / price even sometimes amazing!

So they are actually thinking to export this Wine Market concept abroad in 2013 ! 2 dates in Portugal in June and December, and then maybe export the concept in Belgium and Switzerland !



My Shopping Cart Note:

There was really a great assortment a wine at the Adegga Wine Market very wide representing sparkling, white, red, rosé & fortified.

Here follows my picks:


Best  value for money:

Concieto & Contraste – Douro – Rita Marques – from 8 to 15 euros

Torre do Fradde Virgo Tinto & Branco – Alentejo – 9 euros

Niepoort LBV 2008 – Douro – 12 euros

Quinta do Popa – Prefacio Branco – Douro – 4 euros

Quinta do Noval – Unfiltered LBV 2005 –  Douro – 14 euros

Quinta do Portal Femina 2011 – Douro – 8 euros

Pocas Colheita 1988 – Douro – 26 euros

Quinta do Barranco Longo – Grande Escolha & Viognier – Algarve – 9 & 14 euros



Great discoveries:

Quinta do Portal – Colheita Branco 2006 – 12 euros

Luiz Pato – Bairrada – Formal 2003 – 18  euros

Luiz Pato  –  Bairrada – Abafado Molecular 2010 – 18 euros

Quinta do Popa – Douro –  Milf & Lolita –  15 euros

Julia Kemper 2009 – Dao –  13 euros

Niepoort Projectos Moscatel Docil 2010 – Douro – 15 euros

Anima L8  ( sangiovese) – Herdade do Portocarro – Setubal – 23 euros

Niepoort Tiara 2011 – Douro – 16 euros

Quinta do Popa – VV 2008 – Douro 19 euros



Exclusive at Premium price & Value:

Quinta do Noval Vintage 2008 – Douro – 75 euros

Icon d’Azamor 2004 – Alentejano – 45 euros

Esporao Private Selection 2009 – Alentejo – 31 euros

Mouchao Colheitas Antiguas 2002 – Alentejo – 46 euros

Herdade do Portocarro 2008 – Setubal – 30 euros

Quinta da Leda 2009 – Douro – 30 euros

Grahams 20 Y Tawny –  Douro – 35 euros



Top 6 Ports from the Premium Tasting Room:

Niepoort VV

Burmester Colheita 1937

Warre’s Vintage 1963

Sandeman 40 Years

Grahams Diamond Jubilee Colheita 1952

Quinta do Noval Colheita 1976



Top Wines from the Premium Tasting Room:


Mouchao Colheitas Antigas 2002 (magnum)

Niepoort Charme 2008


Conceito 2005

Niepoort Tiara 2005




After all I can say frankly that all the wines in the Premium Tasting Room and the Adegga Wine Market presented by the producers where all of a top level, some marked me more than others. I can just say that the range of wines presented was  of an overall amazing compare to professional wines fairs where I use to go !

And I’m sorry but I couldn’t taste all the wines, because of large assortment of quality wine! Will taste other ones on the next Adegga Wine Market edition.

Thanks to all the #WINELOVER s that attended the event !!

And the Special Ones from the #WINELOVER FLAT : Andre Ribeirinho , Luiz Alberto , Marc Roisin , Lotte Karolina Gabrovits , Noel Pusch , Luciana Braz , Simon Woolf .


Congratulations to the Adegga team for a really great job!

PS: For more Pictures you can access my pictures on my Facebook file: ADEGGA WINE MARKET 2012 . Epic Era

For use of any picture for any edition don’t hesitate to contact me !

I’ll be back!


It was an amazing experience!!


Cheers #WINELOVER !!


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